In 2004, I graduated from the Building Technical School (Byggeteknisk Højskole BTH) in Copenhagen as a constructing architect. After an internship at Henning Larsen Architects as a constructing architect, I was fascinated by the artistic aspects of the building industry. Therefore, I had to study design architecture. In 2010, I graduated as an architect from Aarhus School of Architecture in the Department of Architecture and Aesthetics. I believe that my background as a technician gives me insight into the problems that can arise between architectural intentions and the technical reality.
I have a very pragmatic approach to architecture and believe in Form Follows Function in relation to culture and nature. In addition, I think that architecture should be able to discuss with the context, be democratic and socially conscious. The intersection between design process, creative/conceptual lines and project execution is interesting to me as well. In this perspective, I see myself as an analytical and as an executive architect who thinks architecture in holistic terms - from design to economics, from urbanism to the constructive parts.
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